Best answer: What types of real estate taxes are there?

What are the two primary types of property taxes?

These are two distinct forms of taxation: one (ad valorem tax) relies upon the fair market value of the property. The other (special assessment) relies upon a special enhancement called a “benefit” for its justification. The property tax rate is typically given as a percentage.

What is the difference between real estate tax and estate tax?

Real property tax (RPT) or commonly known as “amilyar” is a tax on the value of the real property a person owns. This is a form of ad valorem tax based on a fixed proportion of the property’s value. While the BIR administers estate tax, the local government units (LGUs) have the responsibility to administer RPT.

Do you pay tax on real estate investments?

Net investment income tax (NIIT)

Some types of real estate investing result in investment income, such as interest and dividends. If you’re a high earner and make a lot of money off of your investment income, you will have to pay NIIT, which the IRS applies at a 3.8% rate to certain net investment income.

What are the 4 types of tax?

Taxes generally fall into the following broad categories:

  • Income tax.
  • Payroll tax.
  • Property tax.
  • Consumption tax.
  • Tariff (taxes on international trade)
  • Capitation, a fixed tax charged per person.
  • Fees and tolls.
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What is general real estate tax?

: a tax levied on the assessed value of all nonexempt property.

Who will pay estate tax?


The estate tax shall be paid at the time the return is filed by the executor, administrator or the heirs. The Commissioner may grant extension of time not exceeding five (5) or two (2) years depending on whether the estate was settled judicially or extrajudicially.