Your question: Which type of business organization may be registered as a real estate brokerage?

Which business organization can legally register as a real estate brokerage?

Which business organization can legally register as a real estate brokerage? Corporation sole and joint ventures cannot register to broker real estate. A general partnership can register with the DBPR to perform brokerage services.

Which business entity may not register as a real estate broker in Florida?

Which business entity may NOT register as a real estate brokerage entity? Cooperative association. A cooperative association is allowed to conduct commercial business and to convey, sell, or buy its own property, but it cannot be registered as a real estate broker.

Which of the following organizations Cannot register with Frec as brokerages?

A Corporative association may buy, develop, sell or convey property, but cannot be registered with the FREC as a Real Estate Broker.

Which organization approves the sales associate and broker license applications?

To Learn more visit their website to find a location near you to set up your exam once the application has been approved by the DBPR. The Candidate Information Booklet is a useful source to help guide you through the examination process. FEE: Pay the required fee as provided in the application.

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What is an Edo in real estate?

Definition: A course of action for determining the disposition of a contested deposit.

What is Corporation Sole in real estate?

A corporation sole is a legal entity consisting of a single (“sole”) incorporated office, occupied by a single (“sole”) natural person.

Can a non broker own a real estate company in Florida?

Only real estate brokers can own and maintain a real estate office in Florida. … Florida’s real estate law prohibits real estate salespeople, or licensed sales associates, from office ownership.

What position may a sales associate or broker associate hold in a corporation?

Yes, a broker-associate can work in the capacity of a salesperson for another licensed real estate corporation or corporations as long as it is permitted under the affiliation agreement signed by the applicable parties.

Which type of brokerage relationship is prohibited for residential sales in Florida?

Florida real estate license law prohibits a broker from creating a fiduciary relationship with both the buyer and the seller. dispositions of any interest in business enterprises or business opportunities, except for property with four or fewer residential units.

Who may directly compensate a sales associate quizlet?

(A sales associate may be compensated for a service of real estate only by his or her employer, not directly by the customer or any member of the public. A sales associate’s commission is determined by agreement with his or her employing broker.

What is required in real estate advertising?

When you place a real estate ad in California, you must include the broker’s business name and information in a font size no smaller than the smallest front of the ad. You must also include your name and license number on all advertisements, signs, and stationery.

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