What does Wu mean in real estate?

What is W D in real estate?

w/d: Washer/Dryer.

What does W mean on Gsmls?

WU. Withdrawn Unconditionally. You can find this list, as well as other useful information in the NJMLS Quick Reference Guide.

What is ARIP in Njmls?

ARIP — Attorney Review In Progress: … – The Under Contract date is the date it came out of attorney review.

What does TBT mean in real estate?

Throwback Thursday (#TBT): Commercial Real Estate Tips for Landlords – MacRo Commercial Real Estate.

What is Br and Ba in real estate?

Ba – bathroom. Br – bedroom. CAC – central air conditioning. Ch – central heat.

Can a buyer back out of an accepted offer in NJ?

The purchase and sale agreement becomes fully binding on the parties after attorney review in New Jersey. The buyer and seller may only cancel the transaction without being in breach if permitted under the contract or by law.

Can buyer back out after attorney review?

Attorney review: You can back out of a signed agreement if you’re within a 5-day attorney review period that has been provided for in the contract (mandatory in some states).

Can a seller accept another offer?

Sellers can accept the “best” offer; they can inform all potential purchasers that other offers are “on the table”; they can “counter” one offer while putting the other offers to the side awaiting a decision on the counter-offer; or they can “counter” one offer and reject the others.

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