Is the Realtor Code of Ethics?

What is Code of Ethics in real estate?

NAR’s Code of Ethics, adopted in 1913, was one of the first codifications of ethical duties adopted by any business group. The Code ensures that consumers are served by requiring REALTORS® to cooperate with each other in furthering clients’ best interests.

What are the 3 major sections of the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics is divided into three major sections, “Duties to Clients and Customers,” “Duties to the Public,” and “Duties to REALTORS.”

What is Article 14 of the Code of Ethics?

Article 14

REALTORS® willingly participate in ethics investigations and enforcement actions.

Does the REALTOR Code of Ethics ever change?

The new or amended policies can be grouped into three broad categories: Changes to the Code of Ethics’ applicability to a REALTOR®’s activities; A new Standard of Practice under Article 10 prohibiting discriminatory speech and conduct; and, Revisions to the definition of “Public Trust”.

What is the most common complaint filed against realtors?

Most Common Complaints

  • Incomplete and duplicate contracts.
  • No permits.
  • Easement errors.
  • Mineral rights.
  • Failure to review or recommend survey.
  • Contract drafting.
  • Failure to review title.
  • Loss of earnest money.
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What happens when a realtor lies to you?

If you’re worried your realtor has been lying to you, switch to a Clever Partner Agent. They can help you buy a home, and you may qualify for Clever Cash Back, depending on the state you’re in and the value of your home. That’s money in your pocket after your sale is final.

What is the golden rule in the Code of Ethics?

been handed down through the centuries, embodied in the Golden Rule, “Whatsoever ye would that others should do to you, do ye even so to them.

Do REALTORS have to respect non exclusive relationships?

only exclusive relationships REALTORS® have with their clients. … b. all relationships¸ whether exclusive or non-exclusive¸ that REALTORS® have with their clients.

What is Article 11 of the code of ethics?


a human being endowed with life for which it is the highest obligation to live with dignity at all times whether in school, in the home, or elsewhere.

Who does the code of ethics protect?

The code of ethics protects the buying and selling public. The code of ethics is divided into three major sections: duties to clients and customers, duties to the public, and duties to Realtors. Under no circumstances may a Realtor talk to, negotiate or discuss real estate matters with the client of another Realtor.